Wednesday 28 December 2022


4x03 The Hardest Word
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His Dark Materials
3x04 Lyra and Her Death
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Only Connect
18s02 Mystery: Endeavours v Whodunnits
Appropriate viewing the same day as Knives Out. And I actually got more than one question right! Wonders will never cease.
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Richard Osman's Festive House of Games
1x06 Week 2: Monday
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Knives Out (2019)
[3rd watch]

In my experience, most murder mysteries struggle to stand up to repeat viewings, or even remakes; and that applies to some of the greats. Once you know who did it and how, watching it again and again is just an exercise in ever-diminishing returns. Not so Knives Out. If anything, I’ve enjoyed it more each time I’ve watched it, catching all the little bits of fun dialogue and neat nuances in the performances. Remarkable.

Also, finally showed it to my partner, a big murder mystery fan (reads tonnes of them, watches tonnes of them, etc, but for whatever reason we’ve just not found the right time for this one until now), and she thought it was great too. Hurrah!