Saturday, 9 July 2011


1x04 Hell Hath No Fury
[Watch it (again) on Demand 5.]

No Ordinary Family
1x08 No Ordinary Accident
I watched episode 6 in February, episode 7 in May, and now episode 8 in July. Originally I was hoping to watch this at more or less the pace of the UK airings. I imagine those finished months ago.
I'm intending to be more regular, though: lots of TV's shut up shop for the summer, so now it's catch up time (there are a couple of things like this on my books to get through now). OK, maybe I should just give up -- NOF isn't that good and it's already cancelled (unsurprisingly) -- but once I've started a series (and got a fair few episodes in) I feel like I've got to complete it.

Pointless Celebrities
Episode 4 (of 5)
Episode 5 (of 5)
[Watch episodes four and five (again) on iPlayer.]

The Shadow Line
Part 6 (of 7)
If I didn't know better, halfway through this episode I'd've been thinking it was the last one! But no, an hour of story still to go... hopefully with all the answers... and maybe the questions, too.

The Tudors
4x03 Something for You
Even worse than No Ordinary Family, I haven't watched any of this for five months. Not hard to pick back up on, though it'd be nice if it got a wriggle on -- especially as a UK viewer, we know where it's all going.


Doom (2005)
[2nd watch]
This was #25 in 100 Films 2007 and I didn't give it a very good review. So why did I re-watch it? Not entirely sure, really. It was on TV, I was there, I let it play. I didn't pay attention to all of it, which probably helped. I do stand by my original review too, even if (as it's from the blog's first year) it's rather short.