Saturday 6 August 2011


1x08 Ghosts
[Watch it (again) on Demand 5.]

5x02 Hello, Bandit
Thought they'd do that with the kids. Storytellingly wise.

Horrible Histories with Stephen Fry
1x06 Episode 6 [season finale]
Very much enjoyed this; can see why it's garnered so much praise & so many awards. And now I've got all of the third series recorded to watch at some point -- super!
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My Favourite Joke
Episode 3 (of 6)
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Torchwood: First Born by James Goss
Pages 1-40

The first of three novels acting as prequels to the current series of Torchwood. (Well, it's the first published, but all the lists inside the book suggest it's the second. But I think they're all unrelated, so it doesn't matter either way. Anyway, I thought it best to get a wriggle on with this first/second novel because the second/first novel was out imminently, then the second/first arrived in today's post, so I was right. Super.)

Normally I catalogue how much I've read with chapter numbers, and while First Born does have chapters, rather than being all radical and calling them, I dunno, "Chapter 1" (etc.) it instead shifts about viewpoints and just titles each chapter (or "section", I suppose) after which character we're following... so page numbers to chart my progress it is. I'm sure you don't mind/care, dear reader(s).

This shifting perspective also, in this case, means first-person narration. I don't like first-person narration very much generally, and I don't think it works here. You have to get inside the head of the characters in a way that doesn't often fit for a tie-in novel, especially when some of those characters are supporting roles that are written/played quite broadly on TV -- fine on screen as support, but as the lead narration for a chunk of novel? Awkward.

(Or maybe it's just that Goss hasn't quite captured them right -- but my first suggestion was kinder, eh.)

And with the narrator switching around all the time -- occasionally mid-scene -- it's sometimes harder than it should be to remember who the "I" in question is.

But hey-ho, we'll see how the rest of it goes.


Harry Potter stars say final scene was a challenge for the ages by Geoff Boucher
(from Hero Complex at Los Angeles Times)
I assumed this would be a fluff piece basically saying "ooh, playing 20 years older was hard, man!", but it's actually a decent article about the difficulties of shooting Deathly Hallows Part 2's epilogue. Be warned, though, if you haven't seen the film there are photos that spoil the old-age make-up (if you care, of course).