Tuesday 22 May 2012


This was released on Monday morning. You probably saw it then. But I only saw it today, and by God it's good, so here you can see it again.

Very very exciting.

Skyfall is released in the UK at the end of October, and in the US in November. Quite right too.


Final List Of Special Features And Two Trailers For The Upcoming Bond 50 Box Set
by Brendon Connelly (from Bleeding Cool)
Disappointingly, it's unsurprisingly disappointing: most of the films look good, and there's a 23rd disc of new features, but Casino Royale isn't the special edition that was released around the time of Quantum of Solace, and they haven't produced the long-promised QoS special edition (for which some extras were completed before even the first DVD/BD release, the cheeky sods).
I'll probably still get this, but now without a rush; but I'll 'have to' keep my Casino Royale SE and keep my fingers crossed for the QoS SE. Bastards.

Game of Thrones: a show that breaks the golden rules of television
by Robert Colvile (from the Telegraph)
Naturally the web is flooded with articles on Game of Thrones (the sheer volume of reviews (or, as Americans apparently like to call them, "recaps") after each episode is daunting even if you're not reading them), but this brief piece has a couple of interesting thoughts, not so much on why it's good (you'll likely have heard those) but on how it's adapting the books.
Be warned, if you've still not started watching it (what?! fool!), this spoils the end of season one.