Thursday, 6 October 2011


Billy Connolly's Route 66
Episode 3 (of 4)
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Mock the Week
10x10 (29/9/11 edition)
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5x26 (3/10/11 edition)
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Action Comics #1 by Grant Morrison & Rags Morales

Such are the perils of ordering comics online rather than going into a shop: this turned up today, a week and a day after this second printing was published (and just over a month since it was originally released). Ah well.

Another one of the more acclaimed titles from DC's relaunch, the revamped Action Comics sees Morrison telling the story of a young Superman, fighting crime in Metropolis, still half-myth, not yet in his full costume, not even working for the Daily Planet. More importantly than all that, however, is that Morrison has roughed him up a little: this isn't the dull All-American Boy Scout most people know as Superman, but one who's willing to be a little more against the law, a little more pro-active -- we're told he threw a wife-beater out of a window and broke his hip and six ribs, for instance.

A most interesting start.


Apple: Steve Jobs Has Died by Doug Aamoth
(from Techland at Time)
I'm sure you can't've missed the news about Apple's co-founder, but this article does a great job of collecting together the myriad tributes from relevant people and sources.

Apple logo turned into touching tribute to Steve Jobs by Joe Svetlik
(from T3)
And other images of mourning, but this one is the most effective:

And in other news...

'James Bond 23' title revealed to be Skyfall? by Justin Harp
(from Digital Spy)
I hope not -- that's a pretty weak title, in my opinion.

Joel Schumacher was asked to make Batman & Robin sequel by Zakia Uddin
(from Digital Spy)
Which just goes to show, money always rules in the movies.