Tuesday 3 July 2012


5x08 Take It!
Structural changes abound (what I thought would be this season's on-going case, the Fuentes brothers, has been resolved... though it has longer-lasting implications; and that's a helluva cliffhanger too), but that's a good thing -- helps keep the series fresh. I know some fans objected, especially after the high-point of season four, but I think it's working. It may not be the best season ever, but the quality's still up there.

Mock the Week
10x01 (9/6/11 edition) [2nd watch]
11x03 (1/7/12 edition)
In which they discuss the Jimmy Carr thing. Was that really so recent? I know this would've been taped nearly a week ago now, but the Carr stuff feels even older.
(Series 10 episode courtesy of Dave.)
[Watch 11x03 (again) on iPlayer.]


Sky Living to screen US Sherlock rival Elementary
by Paul Jones (from Radio Times)

That doesn't bode well, does it? Do Living show anything good?

Also in that article, news that Sky have bought Green Arrow adaptation Arrow -- but that gets to air on Sky1. I thought it looked potentially interesting from the trailers, rather than another throughly cheesy/cheapy/campy Smallville, so we'll see.