Sunday 28 February 2021


The Twilight Zone
3x35 I Sing the Body Electric
+ commentary by Twilight Zone expert Marc Scott Zicree


Frankenstein (1931)
[#53 in 100 Films in a Year 2021]
Blindspot 2021 #2
+ commentary by film historian Sir Christopher Frayling

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Time flies: this week, it was already time for a new monthly TV column at 100 Films in a Year...

Plus 2 new film reviews...

Creed II (2018)
The film’s title is, obviously, meant to be read “Creed 2” because it’s a follow-up to “Creed 1”, but if you chose to read it as “Creed the 2nd” it wouldn’t be inappropriate to the movie’s themes. This is a movie all about parents and children, what they owe to each other, and how they live up to that — or fail to. It’s a meaty subject to chew on, and [the film] examines it from almost every conceivable angle.
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Zatoichi in Desperation (1972)
The 24th and penultimate film in the original Zatoichi series is also the first to be directed by star ShintarĂ´ Katsu. Despite such fundamental creative control by the man who arguably knew the character best, it's widely regarded as one of the series’ worst instalments, and yet you’ll find some people full of praise for it. It’s one of the series’ darkest entries, and I suspect it’s unpopular overall because it’s so grim; but for those who do like it, they love it.
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