Wednesday 12 January 2011


Just Good Friends
2x02 Another Man

Little Crackers
Episode 8 Car Park Babylon
Episode 9 The Norris McWhirter Chronicles: A True Story
Episode 12 Uncle Santa [final episode]
That's those done, then. The last two here were amongst the best I thought, though David Baddiel's was resolutely nowt to do with Christmas. And Meera Syal's was Sky's first comedy programme to be shot in 3D. Not sure why. I expect "why not" may in fact have been the motivation.
(And if you're interested, here's the article Baddiel references at the start of his film.)


10 steps that defined every X-Files episode by Scott Edelman
(from blastr)
So true.

20 Greatest Fake Criterion Covers by George Wales
(from Total Film)
Most amusing, though you'll need at least a passing knowledge of the Criterion Collection to get it.

Child gets Saw 3D advert banned
(from BBC News)
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) ... ruled the advert must not be be broadcast again in its current form before 2100.
Ah yes, what a handy ruling almost three months after the film came out.

Christopher Nolan (Somewhat) Explains Inception by Matt Goldberg
(from Collider)
This article is pushing two months old now, but I missed it at the time, so here it is for you now. Quite interesting too.

James Cameron calls Peter Berg's Battleship movie 'ridiculous' by Carol Pinchefsky
(from blastr)
"the only reason sequels exist is because Hollywood is out of ideas and is forced to re-use the same characters and storylines," says Cameron, director of Aliens, Terminator 2, Avatar 2 and Avatar 3.