Sunday, 14 August 2022



With TV I list episodes; with books I list chapters; films I watch the whole sitting in one go, so that's fine... but what about games? I know I've just been posting the title up til now, but I'm not playing the whole thing in one go (at least, not so far), so I feel like I need more demarkation. That's partly why I started keeping track of my playtime in the earlier Monkey Islands. And, actually, playing these newer games through GOG, it keeps track of my playtime automatically (I believe Steam does the same thing), so maybe I should start listing that?

Well, I'm up to 2 hours 43 minutes so far. No idea how far through that gets me, other than that I've got 21% of the game's achievements — if that's an indicator of progress, the rest should take a little over 10 hours. We'll see... As for the game itself, I admit that today I finally resorted to a walkthrough for a couple of puzzles. Life's too short to spend ages wandering around the same locations with the same items in my inventory waiting for a brainwave (that's what we used to do Back In The Day, of course, but nowadays... nah. Especially when I've got dozens of other games lined up waiting for me to get to them).