Saturday 27 April 2013


Doctor Who
33x11 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS

Well, I thought that was really good. Any fans expecting a revelation about what was at the heart of the TARDIS, or what weird lava-ish creatures the Doctor kept locked in its depths, was in for disappointment... but, really, did you expect them to rewrite the book in such a mad fashion? I didn't. It was nice that was all tied into the episode's plot, rather than just expanding the universe for the sake of it. And still, there was all that stuff about Clara getting a look at that Time War book and finding out the Doctor's name -- which, clearly, is both pronounceable by humans (one theory being that it wasn't) and meant something to her (but who knows what!?)

Anyway, what a fantastic look around the rest of the TARDIS! After they did it in The Doctor's Wife and all it amounted to was some identikit corridors and the old console room, it was nice to get a proper look -- the swimming pool! the library! some room full of stuff to do with Amy and River! And, I'm sure many will say, a much more impressive Eye of Harmony than they had in the TV movie.

Plus, only Doctor Who could do what would seem to be a 'bottle' episode and still require as many new sets, effects, costumes and characters as a regular episode.

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The Voice UK
2x05 The Blind Auditions 5
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