Monday, 6 October 2014


Doctor Who
21x13 Planet of Fire Part One
This week's Who serial was one of the first I locked in for our tied-to-the-new-episodes classic viewing. For Saturday's episode, they shot in Lanzarote doubling for the Moon; in this serial, they shot in Lanzarote doubling for the planet Sarn... and also Lanzarote. It looks incredible, actually -- a great use of location in both episodes. I guess there's not the budget to do it more often, but going overseas is probably the best way to find a genuinely alien-looking landscape.
Also, this is The One With Peri's Bikini, lest we forget (as if).

Gilmore Girls
2x14 It Should've Been Lorelai [2nd watch]
The first episode to feature Mädchen Amick as Christopher's new lady -- on the same day as the Twin Peaks news! Complete coincidence.

Scott & Bailey
4x04 Episode 4
[Watch it (again) on ITV Player.]

Whose Line is it Anyway?
1x01 (23/9/88 edition)
1x03 (7/10/88 edition)
Remember years ago I caught and liked some random episodes of WLIIA on Dave? Well, I stumbled across the whole darn thing on 4oD and thought I'd start at the start. It's remarkable how slow and kind of awkward it is -- and very obvious that the improvisation is genuinely completely improvised. How things have changed in the intervening 26 years! The first episode wasn't much cop, to be honest, but a quality line-up helped the next one I tried. Apparently "most fans feel that the show was at its best from Series 2-6, with Series 1 being too smart and low-budget," so maybe I should skip ahead in future.
[Watch 1x01 and 1x03 (again) on 4oD.]


Twin Peaks to return with new episodes in 2016
by Morgan Jeffery (from Digital Spy)

Best TV revival news since 2003!

Massively excited for this. Two years seems such a long time off... but as all I've actually seen of Twin Peaks is the first season, and that was many years ago, I've actually got a season one re-watch and first time viewing of the much-longer second season and the movie to fill (some of) that time.

Co-creator Mark Frost has been doing a ton of interviews, but some choice ones I read include those at TVLine, The Hollywood Reporter and HitFix.