Friday 3 August 2012


London 2012 Olympics
Day Seven
Tennis as ever, particularly the nail-biting record-length match between Federer and Del Potro. Tough for the latter to lose it, but so happy the former one -- guaranteed medal, and hopefully it'll be gold... although the home crowd will be against him. Hey-ho.
Also, various successes (and disappointments) in rowing, cycling and swimming. Plus some rapid-fire pistol shooting, which turned out to be surprisingly boring so I stopped.
Finally, I've taken to half-watching the Gabby Logan-hosted (never mind) post-news round-up programme, Olympics Tonight, which is handy for an overview (today, for instance, saw things kicking off for athletics in the main stadium -- a major thing I pretty much skipped live). So that's... way more than I was ever expecting.
[Watch loads of live coverage from the BBC.]

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