Saturday 26 February 2011


The Culture Show
Forget the Oscars, Here Are the Kermodes [special]
Mark Kermode tells us how the Oscars have got it wrong this year. And he's probably right.
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Due South
3x03 I Coulda Been a Defendant [2nd watch]

Fast and Loose
1x07 Episode 7
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Faulks on Fiction
Part 3 The Snob
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The Killing [aka Forbrydelsen]
1x10 Day 10
Once again a conclusion feels like it's nigh -- but we're only halfway through! As much still to come as there's already been! Tensiontastic.
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Let's Dance for Comic Relief 2011
Episode 1 (of 4)
Despite all his trending on twitter and what have you, I didn't think Russell Kane's routine was that great. Dressing up in drag may've worked in both previous series, but it was accompanied by an amusing and well-performed routine -- I didn't think Kane managed either. And Katie Price was one of the worst too. But hey, whoever said the British public had taste?

Whose Line is it Anyway?
4x12 (10/4/92 edition)
3x16 (3/5/91 edition)
Despite Whose Line's fame and endurance (ten series of the UK version followed by eight of a US one), I've never seen it before. Caught these in the middle of the night on Dave, for some reason showing the last non-compilation episodes of the British version in reverse order. OK... And though this is the British one, these episodes were both taped in New York. One wonders where these ideas come from.
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Groundbreaking Cinema: 15 Films from 2010 That Challenged & Advanced the Medium by Adam Quigley
(from /Film)
the movies from 2010 that, as best as I have been able to ascertain, helped contribute to the landscape of film in ways that are important, creative and culturally significant — regardless of any personal animosity you may feel toward them.
A most interesting read. And the intro is great as a reminder of the dozens of films the Oscars have completely overlooked, all of them more influential and/or popular than a good deal of actual Best Picture winners.