Sunday, 14 August 2011


5x03 Practically Perfect

Grand Designs Australia
1x05 Lake Bennett House
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4x49 (11/8/11 edition)
When they decided to do a round based on Sunday newspapers, I doubt they imagined it would have changed so obviously by the time it was broadcast.
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Proms 2011
Prom 38 Film Music Night
I think this is the first Prom I've got round to watching/listening to this year (but I always do badly, so that's no surprise). I do have one of the first few downloaded to get round to though, and the same for the Horrible Histories one. Anyway, I love film music, so this was a good'un... though considering there's a Spaghetti Western-dedicated Prom (held the same night, due on TV later this month) I can't help but feel the main theme to Raiders of the Lost Ark would've made a better encore. Hey-ho.
The full, information-packed programme for this Prom can be read here.
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Torchwood: First Born by James Goss
Pages 128-166
Between halfway and two-thirds (p.169, but this is close enough) we appear to be getting all the answers. And they seem to have come to our heroes quite easily -- "ooh, there's a suspicious base, I wonder what's going on there. Oi, employee, what's going on? Ok, thanks for telling me everything." -- so presumably there's a revelation or two (I believe there's a hint at something in the end of the chapter I've stopped at) and some form of exciting climax still to come.

this week on 100 Films

At last, a new review has been posted to 100 Films in a Year this week! Hurrah!

And so, the most fabulous thing was...

The King's Speech (2010)
The core of the film, the screenplay, is excellent — dramatic, funny, truthful. It won Best Original Screenplay… but surely it was an adapted screenplay? It’s so grounded in real events, based (at least in part, or so I thought) on the real man’s diaries and the book that was in turn based on them. When the Adapted Screenplay nominations include films loosely inspired by short films and semi-spin-offs from TV series that don’t even feature many of the same characters, never mind actually adapting their source for the big screen, surely something like this is definitely adapted?

More next Sunday. Hopefully a lot more. But we'll see.