Friday 12 April 2013


The Graham Norton Show
13x01 (5/4/13 edition)
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How I Met Your Mother
8x11 The Final Page Part 1

Apparently this originally aired as a one-hour episode in the US. Which is interesting, because in no way whatsoever does this feel like it's only the first half of something. Indeed, HIMYM has had definitely-standalone episodes that were less self-contained than this.

But the answer comes halfway down the Wikipedia page: "episodes 11 and 12 were not planned to be shown together as a two part, one hour combined episode. But the decision was made to present them together after the show was preempted because of Hurricane Sandy." So there you go.

Also, "Before the two episodes were combined, episode 11 was entitled The Silence of the Jinx and episode 12 was entitled The Robin." Why they felt the need to ditch those titles, goodness only knows.

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Veronica Mars
1x06 Return of the Kane