Thursday 21 February 2013


Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe
1x03 (14/2/13 edition)

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The Good Life
1x02 Say Little Hen...


Interview with Steven Moffat from Gallifrey One
by Kyle Anderson (from Nerdist)

I say "article" -- it's a video. Normally I object to that (I prefer a transcript), but this is worth watching. It's 13 minutes in which DVD documentary maker Ed Stradling chats to The Moff -- that's quite long for a one-on-one interview really, and it goes in to about as much depth as you might expect regarding plans for Who's 50th anniversary, plus wider-ranging discussion of Moffat's Who views. For those that have been worried, he denies the anniversary special is just one 60-minute episode, and confirms there will be a 2013 Christmas special.

An Oscar Voter's Brutally Honest Ballot
by Anonymous, as told to Scott Feinberg (from The Hollywood Reporter)

One of the 371 members of the Academy’s directors branch recently invited me over to his office to listen in as he openly deliberated about how to fill out his final ballot for the 85th Oscars.

A lot of people in the comments think this guy is a right... something-or-other. He is in places; in others, he's bang on. Either way, it's an interesting insight into how people vote for the Oscars... and why the results end up so daft so often.

Plus, while I'm here...

Benedict Cumberbatch and the cast of Neverwhere - first photo and air date revealed
by Paul Jones (from Radio Times)

Looks exciting. It's on the week of March 16th (all 3½ hours of it).