Sunday, 17 June 2012


Mock the Week
11x01 (14/06/12 edition)
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2x04 A Certain Samaritan [season finale]
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The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Harry Potter, The Anti-Christ And The Independent On Sunday
by Rich Johnston (from Bleeding Cool)

She then talks about the likely reaction.

"The headlines almost write themselves – “Alan Moore says Harry Potter is the Antichrist!” – yet they miss the point."

...The editors at the paper, however, have run a separate more prominent piece by one Paul Bignell, playing up the more salacious aspects of the story, just as Laura suggested they might. Their headline?

"Revealed: Harry Potter is the Antichrist!"

Oh dear.

this week on 100 Films

Having just snuck The A-Team in last week, there are no new reviews to report from 100 Films this week.

However, in honour of Prometheus being in cinemas, I've moved my reviews of all the previous Alien films over to the new blog. Check them all out -- with pretty pictures and handy links -- here.