Saturday 13 August 2011


1x09 Little Girl Lost
[Watch it (again) on Demand 5.]

4x47 (9/8/11 edition)
4x48 (10/8/11 edition)
Episode 47 had one of the more embarrassing finals I've witnessed... but I didn't care for one of the finalists, so I can't say I minded.
[Watch the 9/8/11 and 10/8/11 editions (again) on iPlayer.]

Ronnie Corbett's Comedy Britain
Episode 1 Comic Partnerships (of 2)
Episode 2 Solo Performance (of 2)
Ronnie Corbett takes a personal little toddle through some of the highs of British comedy from the past 50-ish years, accompanied by several modern comedy greats. Despite the presenter seeming out of place on the channel, it is quite an ITV-y show -- cheap & tacky title credits; ad break-friendly editing -- but note how the vast majority of the interviewees are what one might call 'BBC People'. For whatever reason, ITV's comedy track record really is appalling.
[Watch episodes one and two (again) on ITV Player.]


Source Code (2011)
[#73 in 100 Films in a Year 2011]


BBC One's Miranda repeat tops new My Family by Paul Millar
(from Digital Spy)
BBC One's repeat of Miranda was more popular than a new episode of My Family last night. The Miranda Hart sitcom... grabbed 4.11m (19.3%) at 9.30pm... prior to that My Family amused 3.79m (13.8%).
Finally, some justice in TV viewing figures.

Big Brother isn't watching you by Russell Brand
Quite long, but Brand is surprisingly worth reading for his thoughts on the recent UK riots.