Thursday, 2 February 2012


Help! My Supply Teacher is Magic
1x03 Episode 3
A magic show for kids... but just because some of the tricks are do-at-home simple, it doesn't mean there isn't some great magic in here too. Even if the constant replays are a bit repetitive. (I didn't mean to watch episode three first -- blame the oddities of Virgin Media catch-up.)
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5x51 (24/1/12 edition)

Top Gear
18x01 (29/1/12 edition)
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DVD Extras

Interviews with Andrew Lin and Gordon Chan on 2000 AD
Relatively lengthy and interesting chats with the villain and director (respectively) of 2000 AD. The director repeats some of what he had to say in the commentary, but it seems to me that's fairly inevitable.


Action Comics #4 by Grant Morrison & Rags Morales

Solid story from Morrison and Morales' art is generally very good, apart from the part of the story where he causes much confusion (in me, anyway) by drawing two characters to look identical. All the more 'impressive' considering one's white and one's black.

Nice use of the backup strip this issue: titled Hearts of Steel, written by Sholly Fisch and excitingly drawn by Brad Walker, with beautiful colouring by Jay David Ramos, it expands on a part of the main story there wasn't room to tell in the primary strip itself.

Also, shame I hadn't got to this issue before my nearly-three-month break in reading -- the story now takes a break until #7, so that's another couple of months gap for me.