Thursday, 11 August 2011


4x46 (8/8/11 edition)
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Torchwood: Miracle Day
4x05 The Categories of Life
Torchwood's probably at its best when it gets dark, as here. I rather guessed where it was headed with that ending mind. We're only halfway through now so it's a good time for it to be really kicking off... but can it sustain it for the second half of the series?
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BBC's Spooks axed after a decade by Tara Conlan
While I still quite like Spooks, this is overdue. To say they're ending it "in its prime" isn't true (in my opinion, obviously) -- it's prime was years ago; the first three or four series, I think. Since then it's becoming increasingly implausible, irrelevant and repetitive. It's also interesting how they talk about it being fast-paced and densely plotted... for its time. I think that's true: when it started it was those things; now it sometimes feels slow and simplistic, or if not the latter than over-complicated in the hope of doing something different to what they've already done.
But, like I say, it's still quite good, so better to end it now than let it really decline later.