Friday, 18 May 2012


Grandma's House
2x05 The day Simon found himself back on the path to fulfilment and joy
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Horrible Histories
4x08 Episode 8
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Maestro at the Opera
Episode 2 (of 3)
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The Matt Lucas Awards
1x06 Episode 6
From what I've heard this series hasn't gone down especially well, so I'm not sure we'll be seeing any more. It certainly wasn't perfect but it did have enjoyable moments. And I must remember I've still got episode 3 to watch. (There's a seventh episode too, but it's just highlights.)
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The Mentalist
4x23 Red Rover, Red Rover
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Batman: The Dark Knight #8 by Joe Harris & Ed Benes
Hurrah, Finch and Jenkins are gone! Their story appears to live on though, based on the cover (one of the characters on it doesn't even appear), so I feel sorry for a new writer lumbered with that. It has OK points; maybe a good person will rescue it.
As for this one-and-done (presumably to fit with including Night of the Owls next issue, then getting on with its own stuff after that)... it was solid. Lots of blood and violence for a T-rated book. I imagine they don't actually pay much attention to those ratings...


The Before Watchmen Reviews Are In. From Some People.
by Rich Johnston (from Bleeding Cool)
A few sites have been allowed an advance look at a chunk of Before Watchmen and here Johnston rounds up their (100% spoiler-free) verdicts. It's sounding good to me, though the truest thought comes from Joey Esposito at IGN: "if you are dead-set against this project existing in the first place, the quality of these comics is irrelevant."