Wednesday 6 April 2022


Doctor Who
9x09 The Sea Devils Episode One

It’s been almost two years since I last watched any Classic Who (when I caught up on all the animations released to that point, and semi-randomly watched The Time Meddler too). Well, time has felt ever so distorted these past few years...

That said, considering I’ve been an affirmed Doctor Who fan for over a quarter of a century now, it’s ridiculous how many classic-era stories I still haven’t seen (heck, at this point it’s ridiculous there are any classic-era stories I haven’t seen, especially after I diligently bought them all on DVD). The Sea Devils is one of them, obviously, and my viewing has been provoked by, naturally, the eponymous villains’ imminent return in the forthcoming Easter special.

Not that you see a great deal of them in this first episode, which is almost all set-up. Well, there were six episodes to fill, I suppose.