Saturday 10 September 2011


Doctor Who
32x10 The Girl Who Waited
An excellent episode, I thought. Technically this season's Doctor Lite one, and presumably quite low-budget too, but it never really showed in either case. Surprisingly good performance from Miss Gillen as older Amy, though for my money Arthur Darvill is still the absolute star of current Who.
[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]

Doctor Who Confidential
6x10 What Dreams May Come
Confidential is beginning to get a bit samey now, I think. Every episode is on set/location, covering more or less the same stuff. Yes, a behind the scenes series will always have that problem, but there's an awful lot of stuff they don't cover that they could. What about pre-production? More on the writing process, the design process, etc. Or post-production? There must be a tonne of interesting working in CGI, sound design, editing, etc. Of course the series has covered most or all of these things in the past, but it's also covered what it's like on set in the past -- every episode, in fact. Variety would be welcome.
And proper making-of variety, not the silly asides where we get to see one cast member learn to drive and another swim with sharks. What a waste of time.
[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]

Proms 2011
Prom 59 Hooray for Hollywood
Left this too late to point you in the direction of it on iPlayer, I'm afraid, but the programme can still be read here.


New 52 Pickup | Week 2 by Steve Sunu
(from Robot 6 at Comic Book Resources)
The first full week of The New 52 sees 13 titles released, and here's reviews of every last one. Not necessarily definitive (I've seen Batwing and Detective Comics highly praised elsewhere), but still an interesting project.