Friday 9 December 2022


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Cyber City Oedo 808
by Jonathan Clements (from All the Anime Blog)

So, I'm selling my copy of Cyber City Oedo 808 to buy the newly remastered version that's out in March. Sadly, the new edition loses the 50-page booklet (in favour of some art cards — yawn! It also loses the soundtrack CD, but I've already ripped that), so I've read it before selling it off. There's an interview with John Wolskel, who wrote the series' UK scripts, and Rory McFarlane, who composed new music for the UK dubs. Both quite interesting. The main piece is a history/analysis article, which is available in full online — linked above, obv.

It's a shame the new edition doesn't include the booklet — much more to my interest than some sodding art cards (which most boutique label releases seem to come with nowadays; they must be cheap to produce). But at least I've read it once; and, to be honest, most of my Blu-ray booklets don't even get read that often.