Wednesday 1 March 2023


Doctor Who
2x16 The Web Planet

Carrying right on with season two again, this time into one of Doctor Who's most notorious serials: The Web Planet (obv).

The things that make it infamous don't really crop up much in this first instalment. Instead, we get the Doctor and Ian going for a stroll while Vicki has a lie down and Barbara does some spring cleaning. It’s a bit of a slow starter, this one…

On the bright side, the slower pace allows for an entire scene where Barbara and Vicki just chat about Vicki’s upbringing and the gang’s previous adventure in Rome. It’s the kind of thing that some might regard as a time waster, but it also feels uniquely ’60s Doctor Who — in later eras the serials are so much more discrete, and the modern show often feels too frantic for such detail. I rather liked that.


Radio Free Skaro
895 The Exit Interview
The "exit" in question being Chris Chibnall leaving Doctor Who. This near-two-hour episode (I can't say I listened to all of it, just Chibnall and the discussion after) includes an hour-long chat with Chibnall, recorded at the recent Gallifrey One convention, ranging over his entire era — as one of the hosts summarised, the conversation "touched on topics like promotion, budgets, writers' room, Jodie Whittaker, the amazing Covid video that they made, Disney+..." and more. As a fun who loves the nitty gritty of production detail, it's a fantastic interview; indeed, I'd've happily listened to more. Such are time constraints, though. (The above link also includes a full text transcript, FYI.)
[Listen to it (again) on YouTube.]


2000 AD #2302