Friday 23 December 2022


Blankety Blank
2x08 Episode 8
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4x01 Happy Holiday
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How I Met Your Father
1x07 Rivka Rebel

Inside No. 9
8x01 The Bones of St. Nicholas [Christmas special]
Only the second episode of Inside No. 9 I've watched, and I thought it was fantastic — a proper spooky ghost story for Christmas. I really should go back and catch up on the whole series.
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Richard Osman's Festive House of Games
1x01 Week 1: Monday
The regular House of Games (as opposed to the prime time version, right? But this isn't really a third version...) gets a Christmassy makeover for the next two weeks. And the modifications go slightly beyond slapping sleigh bells over the theme and a tree in the corner, so that's nice.
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The Rookie
4x14 Long Shot