Saturday 21 April 2012


2x09 Love Me Dead
[Watch it (again) on Demand 5.]

Grandma's House
2x01 The day Simon officially became a very good and totally employable actor
20 months after the first series began, Simon Amstell's hilarious sitcom is back. Hurrah! I imagine a lot of people don't/won't like it -- it's not very traditional -- but in it's painfully-life-like-ness it's brilliant.
[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]

Never Mind the Buzzcocks
21x03 Episode 3 [2nd watch]
Watched this for no particular reason (it was on Dave).
I'm sure I've seen it before, though it wasn't very familiar. But no wonder: this episode first aired (and I imagine I last watched it) before this blog even existed, back in November 2007. That's 4½ years ago! Crikey.

The Voice UK
1x05 The Battles 1
Loads of properly great duets in this, I thought. Some decisions I completely disagreed with, mostly by Danny. I'm away from tomorrow so will probably have to wait a whole week to see the second half!
[Watch it (again) on iPlayer.]


Peter Dinklage Was Smart to Say No
by Dan Kois (from the New York Times)
A lengthy interview with/profile of the Game of Thrones star, which is very good.

Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Should Hit Theaters at 48-Per-Second Frame Rate
by Carolyn Giardina (from The Hollywood Reporter)
It's long been known that The Hobbit (both parts, obv.) is being shot at 48fps (which apparently we're all to start calling HFR, because an acronym always helps), but with the release date of the first half creeping closer (only 8 months to go!), the reality of getting that into cinemas (from a technical point of view) is beginning to bite.
How many cinemas will actually be showing it at 48fps? No one knows, yet...

Skyfall Set Visit: 10 Big Questions and How the Cast and Creators Answered Them
by Rick Marshall (from
In case you've somehow forgotten, Skyfall is the next Bond film. Other than that, the title's pretty much got it covered. Interesting questions; interesting, but naturally quite cagey, answers.

Why the Halo Movie Failed to Launch
by Jamie Russell (from Game|Life at Wired)
The film of Halo should probably have been one of the biggest blockbusters of all time. Instead, the project imploded and disappeared, probably forever. In this excerpt from his new book Generation Xbox: How Video Games Invaded Hollywood, journalist Russell interviews significant players to reveal the behind-the-scenes story of Microsoft's odd negotiation tactics and the production mess that ensued. A must-read (the article, at least; dunno about the book) for anyone interested in the business goings-on of Hollywood or video games.
There's a less-detailed summary of some of the events in this article by Mike Bracken at, which goes on to comment on how the video game industry might be able to learn something from comic books when it comes to getting their properties onto the cinema screen.

the crapness of Blogger

Just noticed that Blogger hadn't bothered to publish most of my scheduled posts from the last few days. Presumably this stupidity is something to do with the semi-enforced transition to its stupid new interface. Stupid thing.

Anyway, they're there now. Thought I'd say why.