Wednesday 16 November 2022


Doctor Who
Shada Episode Six [finale]
Picked up considerably as it went on. Maybe not quite the “lost classic” its reputation would have had us believe, but that seems to be an inevitable consequence for half of Who that goes unfinished or missing. On the bright side, it means we now have multiple competing versions of it to mess around with canon (always fun). It’s just a shame this version wasn’t fully animated, because then it would be that bit more official as another ‘visual’ McGann adventure to go alongside the TVM and Night of the Doctor. Oh well.

Have I Got News for You
64x07 (4/11/2022 edition; extended repeat) [season finale]
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Mock the Week
21x01 (23/9/2022 edition)
21x02 (30/9/2022 edition)
21x07 The History of... Part 2 [series finale]
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