Saturday, 29 October 2011


The Jonathan Ross Show
1x08 (22/10/11 edition) [season finale]
[Watch it (again) on ITV Player.]

4x05 His Father's Son
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X-Men: First Class (2011)
[2nd watch]
I saw this in the cinema back in June, making it #60 for this year's 100 Films, but the picture and sound quality were so wretched that I've waited until now to watch it again on Blu-ray (officially out Monday) before reviewing it. I enjoyed it even more the second time.


Isn’t It About Time You Gave Mirrormask Another Chance? by Lee Harris
(from SFX)
I've never seen MirrorMask. I think it's about time I gave it a chance. I have it on DVD... somewhere...

Minecraft awarded GameCity videogame arts prize by Leo Kelion
(from BBC News)
Interesting views on how gaming has become more widespread, thanks to Normal People playing them on smartphones, etc. "I think that technology is a real red herring. What technology is driving forward is the ability for games to look more real... I don't think that is in itself something that makes them art. Otherwise we wouldn't cry at Bambi." And so on.