Thursday 4 July 2013


Batman '66 #1 by Jeff Parker & Jonathan Case

The new digital-first series. I was going to buy it in print, but now that I have an iPad and I read that it was very much designed for digital (with animations 'n' all that) I decided to pick it up this way. And it was fun, evoking the mood of the '60s TV show well (as it's meant to, of course). Be interesting to see how it translates to print, but I dunno if it'd be interesting enough to pay for again.

You can get it on Comixology (of course). For those unfamiliar, do be aware that it's a weekly series (three times a month) and each three parts form one story. So while issue one is only 99¢ (69p), you'll need three for each complete story.


A Field in England, review
by Robbie Collin (from the Telegraph)

Collin always comes across as pretty irritating as a person on TV or wherever, and this review's positivity is at odds with the more muted responses I've encountered elsewhere, but it's still an entertaining read.