Sunday 23 June 2013


Agatha Christie's Marple
6x01 A Caribbean Mystery
A script from a well-known writer and a cameo from Ian Fleming seem to have been the catalyst for some even-classier-than-usual touches in this particular episode. Lots of lovely direction, especially during the rain-drenched final act (even if, earlier, some bits were terribly awkwardly staged), and a Bond-referencing score that was consequently delightful.
Bit unusual, but there's a surprisingly thorough promotional photo gallery to be found at the bottom of this review, which I mention because it contains some uncommonly good photos for just TV promo images.
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7x04 Run

Would I Lie To You?
7x07 Episode 7
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No new reviews were published to 100 Films in a Year this week, but new to the new blog were...

Big Nothing (2006)
A long time before the credits roll it degenerates into a grab-bag of random incidents and twists strung together until the made-up-as-it-goes-along script hits something approaching a produceable page count.
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Flight 93 (2006)
Oh dear.

The Other Film About United 93 is just that.
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Runaway Train (1985)
taken as a straight-up high-concept action-adventure, Runaway Train has an awful lot going for it. And if you want to get pretentious about it, well, it might just support that too.
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