Saturday, 20 August 2022


Mystery Science Theater 3000
13x06 Demon Squad
13x02 Robot Wars Post-Premiere Q&A

Keeping up my pace of only watching one new MST3K per month, apparently (I thought it had been longer than that and I was even more behind than I am, to be honest. Still need to catch up, though: episode 8 premiered last night). This one seems to have gone down well with fans, although I suspect that has more to do with the return of Joel as host than the episode itself. I didn't think it was bad — a few riffs even had me laughing out loud — but not that inspired overall.

Afterwards, I finally got round to going back to episode 2 and watching the Q&A from its (second) premiere (as I did with episode 1). I quite enjoy these chaotic live Zoom-chat-esque post-shows, so I'll keep watching them — I've got episode 3's to catch up on, plus all the future premieres, of course.