Wednesday 26 December 2012


2x22 Food To Die For
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Have I Got News For You
44x10 (21/12/12 edition; extended repeat)
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Little Crackers
3x06 The Awkward Age
Sky show these in all sorts of different orders, so I figured I may as well jump in where I please -- it's not like they really form a series. Plus they're all over the place on catch-up (listed individually as, for instance, Dylan Moran's Little Cracker, rather than as a series of Little Crackers), so what's a man to do?
I like the addition of making-of attachments this year, but that might just be me.

3x01 It Was Panning
Hurrah for the much-belated return of Miranda! And I thought it was fabulous too, so even better.
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Paddy's 2012 Show and Telly
I remembered this as being not too bad last year, but clearly I wiped it from my memory because looking it up now I hated it. And this one was definitely awful. Just... ugh.
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The Sarah Millican Television Programme
2x00 Christmas Special
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World's Biggest Pets
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DIY Tardis looks bigger on inside with augmented reality
by Leo Kelion (from BBC News)

Kinda awesome. I'm sure someone at the BBC is now beavering away to make this a toy people can buy. And if they're not, they should be.