Monday, 14 February 2011


Due South
2x14 All the Queen's Horses [2nd watch]

1x05 Episode Five
I think I may be saying it every week now, but this just keeps improving. Hurrah!
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2x05 The Rocky Horror Glee Show
I don't normally watch Glee -- and on the strength of this, I don't intend to start. What a horrible way to ruin an excellent musical; all High School Musical-y and sanitised. Only an X Factor theme week version could possibly have been worse.
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1x01 Episode 1
Well that was a bit disappointing. Too much blatant exposition, too much blatant mystery establishing, not to mention all the instances of weak dialogue and weak acting. Plus, of course the mentally ill character turns out to be a villain. Ugh. There's so much potential in the basic idea -- not to mention a fairly good cast and clearly a big budget -- but it looks likely to be squandered here. Shame. Huge shame, actually.
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Once (2006)
[#20 in 100 Films in a Year 2011]