Tuesday 29 October 2013


2x01 Step Nine
Sherlock Holmes in London? What an original idea! Good plot, though.

4x04 The One with the Ballroom Dancing [4th or so watch]

The Great British Bake Off
4x11 The Final
Despite it getting higher viewing figures than The X Factor, I've managed to go a whole week without having the Bake Off final spoiled. (It would've been simpler to watch it sooner, of course... but then, I didn't take any special measures (I just kind of forgot about it), and it still wasn't ruined, so...)
[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]

2x13 Blowtox and Burlap
[Watch it (again) on 4oD.]


Day of the Dead (1985)
[#95 in 100 Films in a Year 2013]

Week of the Living Dead #3.

DVD Extras

For Every Dawn There is a Day Or Why George Romero Would Never Direct a Rambo Movie
by Calum Waddell

Booklet included with the UK Day of the Dead Blu-ray, which again is one long essay by Waddell. Although he valiantly defends the film, and again expands upon what it Means, there were a lot of little niggles (in his conclusion he uses the word "anecdote" instead of "antidote"!) that make it feel kind of amateurish -- or, worse, fannish.


Day of the Dead: Desertion by Stefan Hutchinson, Barry Keating & Jeff Zornow

A full-length (well, one-shot length) comic included with Arrow Video's Blu-ray of Day of the Dead. Unfortunately, it's pretty terrible. There are some neat ideas in there, which someone of Romero's ability could have explored, but here it's just rendered with ultra-violence and extreme language purely for shock factor. Plus, dialogue that no one in the world would ever actually say -- it's over-written to the point of absurdity.