Sunday 7 August 2022


Georgia & David Tennant's Doctor Who Quiz
Somehow stumbled across this quiz (from back in December 2020!), which was done in aid of Marie Curie, and I ended up getting sucked in to it. Well, if you've got David & Georgia Tennant, plus guest stars, testing my Doctor Who knowledge (and I do love a quiz), how could I resist? (Apparently I resisted back in December 2020. But I don't recall knowing it was happening, so...)
[Watch it (again) on YouTube.]

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We may now be a whole week into August, but the month did only start at the beginning of this week, and that means this update begins with my review of last month...

Plus, the summary of films I failed to watch in July...

Additionally, there was 1 new review published this week...

Prey (2022)
Plot-wise, Prey is pretty straightforward. And therein lies a big part of its success, because what more do we want from a Predator movie than “a hero has to fight a technologically-superior Predator”? If you do want more than that, I think you’ve come to the wrong franchise. Of course, simply rehashing what’s gone before is just another path to failure, and so what Prey does is take those basic bones and dress them up with fresh settings, ideas, and perspectives.
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