Wednesday 6 March 2019


1x01 Deadwood [2nd watch]

With a continuation movie finally on the way sometime soon ("spring" is the official date and, well, it's already March), it's about time I did something I've been meaning to do for a very, very long time: finish Deadwood -- which begins by rewatching what I'd seen before, i.e. season one and the first episode or two of season two. Frankly, I thought it got off to a bit of a slow start, and it's remarkable how dated it looks (it is almost 15 years old, mind), but we'll see.

I also listened to the audio commentary on this episode by creator & episode writer David Milch, which was sometimes interesting but rather patchy. It was also riddled with spoilers for later in the season, some of which I fortunately remembered from my previous viewing, some of which I didn't. Oh well.