Sunday 8 July 2012


Wimbledon 2012
Andy Murray, the first Brit in the men's final for 76 years... and he lost to Roger Federer. Thank God.
[Watch the men's final, and many other matches, on iPlayer.]

Yes, Prime Minister
2x01 Man Overboard


16 Blocks (2006)
[#54 in 100 Films in a Year 2012]


The Judge Dredd Movie Trilogy, As Loosely Planned By Writer Alex Garland
by Brendon Connelly (from Bleeding Cool)

They know roughly what they'll do for sequels to Dredd, and that sounds exciting. This is an important point to take away, for those of us hoping we'll get more:

Putting a number on it is always a bit approximate, but Garland said that $50 million box office from Dredd in the US would be enough to get a sequel in motion.

These things are never 100% -- it could flop at the US box office but do incredibly well round the world, say, and if you're making a profit in most markets then a sequel is still a good idea. Plus there's always DVD/Blu-ray, which can be huge for a film like this: Kick-Ass 'only' made $96m at the worldwide box office, but it's done more like $250m with home ent included. (I believe Dredd cost a little more than Kick-Ass, but they're in the same ballpark.)

this week on 100 Films

One new reviews was posted to 100 Films in a Year this week...

Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame (2010)
Naturally there are plenty of action sequences, several of them tacked on for the sake of it. Personally I wasn’t impressed. They’re all clearly shot on digital video, several are under-lit, there’s too much Hollywood-style choppy editing, it felt like some had bits missing, others are stop-start in a way that adds up to not very much… Many of them left me confused about what was meant to be going on, not in awe of the performer’s abilities or entertained. One of them features the hero fighting a gaggle of cheap CGI deer.
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As its terrestrial TV premiere was last Friday night, I also added my review of the 2009 film version of State of Play to the new blog. You can find that here.

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