Saturday 8 October 2011


The Jonathan Ross Show
1x05 (1/10/11 edition)
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4x02 The Darkest Hour Part Two
Didn't expect that development! I mean, if this wasn't a series based in long-established myths, then obviously that character was being positioned for that fate in this two-parter... but it is based in long-established myths, so I was surprised. Well done Merlin.
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5x28 (5/10/11 edition)
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9x04 Indecision (XL edition)
All that stuff about "chick sexing" was far more hilarious than it had any right to be.

10x18 Booster
Regular readers may be aware that I don't watch Smallville, so what's this doing here? Well, I did watch it when it began, about a decade ago, but I happened to see that this episode featured Booster Gold, one of DC's most irritating heroes, so was quite curious. From the little I know they certainly seem to have captured his character -- i.e. he was suitably irritating. I was a little surprised to discover just how many other DC characters they've stuffed into it over the years, considering the stripped-back start it came from. Fan-pleasing, I guess.
More interesting than any of that, though, was that this episode was made within the past year but looked just like all those US SF/F series from the late '90s/early '00s. I guess it never transcended its roots in that era.
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2000 AD #1750
After wrapping everything up last Prog, here's all-new stories. Except most of them carry on from previous ones again. That said, most are quite pick-up-able, and there's better variety of styles than in the last jumping on Prog -- even better for new readers, then.
Anyway, here's ECBT 2000AD's reviews for this week's Thrills:
  • Judge Dredd Day of Chaos: The Fourth Faction Part One
  • Ampney Crucis Investigates... The English Assassin Part One
  • Indigo Prime Everything and More Part One
  • Low Life The Deal Part 1
  • (I thought it was about time I made these link-lists a bit more useful than repetitions of the word "here".)
    See also: a free Indigo Prime primer from 1990, available on the official 2000 AD site.