Sunday 6 May 2018


5x05 Episode 5
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2x16 God Johnson

Who Dares Wins
11x05 (28/4/18 edition)
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Anon (2018)
[#95 in 100 Films in a Year 2018]


Trigger Mortis by Anthony Horowitz
Chapters 3-5

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April was a bumper month on 100 Films in a Year, necessitating a big monthly summary post...

There were also 6 brand-new reviews published in the past seven days, including...

3 Long Films That I Didn’t Enjoy Directed by Martin Scorsese
Reviews of Silence (2016), Casino (1995), and New York, New York (1977).
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Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)
It’s a very different setup to the original movie, which is refreshing — it could’ve just been a rehash with modern effects (while the Robin Williams movie still has a lot going for it, the mid-’90s CGI is definitely not one of them). That said, it’s not as innovative or inventive as the first movie. The way that brought the board game’s environment to life in the real world was a unique concept, whereas this sequel merely offers an Indiana Jones-esque jungle adventure, albeit with self-aware characters.
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ManHunt (2017)
With its unoriginal innocent-man-on-the-run story and disengaging production quirks, it’s tempting to give up before the half-hour mark. However, director John Woo does begin to sneak in some of his trademark flair... If you can make it through the first half, the second begins to revel in its own silliness. It stops mattering that everyone has to deliver dialogue in at least two languages but none of them can actually act in more than one. It stops mattering that the plot barely makes sense — in fact, it actually improves the crazier it gets.
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My Cousin Rachel (2017)
Is she a scheming murderess intent on using her wiles to acquire the family’s estate, or did Philip’s imagination get the better of him? That mystery is really the heart of My Cousin Rachel, which unfurls as a classy, lightly Gothic melodrama. It’s a puzzle that’s not so much investigated as gradually hinted at, leaving the audience to make up their own mind.
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