Tuesday 25 December 2012


Doctor Who
33x06 The Snowmen [Christmas special]

Well I thought that was a properly Christmassy and properly special Christmas special, with some real magic moments (the "taller on the inside" staircase, for just one). Considering I've found myself moderately underwhelmed by large chunks of the last two series, and didn't care for last year's Christmas special, it was a nice to finally just enjoy some Who.

Also, it was completely standalone, which a good Doctor Who Christmas special really should be, but also was absolutely aware of what had gone on in the first half of this season and considerably set up what's to come in the second half. Nice job, Mr Moffat.

Plus, Ian McKellen was awesome, Richard E Grant wasn't irritating (in fact, he was pretty good too), and as much as I hated Oswin Oswald in Asylum of the Daleks, I liked Clara here. So that was a nice surprise!

The other Big New Things were, of course: the TARDIS interior, which I like stylistically but seems a bit small after the grandiose last one; the new theme music, which sounded like the build-up of the old one (with added bass), but lacking the big dramatic proper-theme pay-off; and a new title sequence, which I thought was fantastic. 1.5 out of 3 on those counts, then, but maybe the rest just takes some getting used to.

All in all, I think it was a certifiable success.

(I rather like the poster, a full-size version of which should be viewable here.)

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Friday Night Dinner
2x07 Christmas [special]
aka Mark Heap Christmas Special 2 of 3.
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The Mentalist
5x08 Red Sails in the Sunset
[Watch it (again) on Demand 5.]

Rolf's Animal Clinic
1x07 Rolf's Animal Christmas [special]
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Room on the Broom
[#94a in 100 Films in a Year 2012]
Wasn't familiar with this one, from the writer, illustrator and filmmakers behind the two Gruffalos, but I loved it! Wonderful family entertainment.
[Watch it (again) in HD on iPlayer.]


Has 3D film-making had its day?
by Vincent Dowd (from BBC News)

"Not exactly, but maybe a bit," is kind of the conclusion of this balanced article -- a rare thing when it comes to 3D, which tends to come with a love-it or hate-it bias. Worth a read for the interested.