Sunday 24 April 2022


The RKO Story: Tales from Hollywood
Part 1 Birth of a Titan
A six-part series from 1987, currently being repeated on BBC Four, detailing the history of the film studio. I've seen a lot of RKO movies, and of course their ident is famous, but I know next to nothing about the studio itself, so hopefully this is going to fill in the blanks.
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Would I Lie To You?
15x04 Episode 4
15x05 Episode 5
Here's the fun thing with stuff being on iPlayer for months/years now: these episodes aired back in January and February, but I can still easily catch up with them now, when I'm in the mood.
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Starring Maxine Peake. I've been wanting to see this version for years, which possibly did it no favours; or maybe I just wasn't in the right mood today (I watched it because my Digital Theatre free trial was expiring rather than through any burning desire to spend 3 hours on Shakespeare this afternoon). Whatever the reason, I found this a bit of a slog; and though Peake is a great actress, to be sure, I found her interpretation a bit… shouty.
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