Friday 26 May 2023


Richard Osman's House of Games
6x53 Week 11: Wednesday
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Foolish Mortals (demo)

I backed this point-and-click adventure on Kickstarter last year, unplayed — the demo existed back then, but not for Mac; but it looked good enough that I decided to take a punt nonetheless. This week, I discovered they'd shared a Mac-compatible version of the demo, so I finally got to play it. Some instability aside (I quickly learnt to save all the time because it was regularly crashing for no reason; it settled down after a certain point, but still doesn't seem wholly reliable), it's good fun — high quality production values, and the kind of tone and atmosphere I'd expected. Looks like I was right to take the punt!

Anyway, I played for about an hour and didn't finish all the demo had to offer. I'd have stuck with it to the end, but other things are pressing on my time — I'll have to finish it next week, now.