Sunday 12 April 2020


6x05 Vision Quest

Doctor Who
4x32 The Faceless Ones Episode 2


It Chapter Two (2019)
[#71 in 100 Films in a Year 2020]

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It was time for 100 Films in a Year's monthly TV roundup this week, but it was so long I wound up splitting it in two...

There was also 1 new film review this week...

Yesterday (2019)
a pleasant bit of fluff about a guy becoming famous with borrowed music while finally realising that the girl who’s wasted her life waiting for him to realise she loves him, er, loves him (Jack doesn’t deserve Lily James). Yeah, it’s mostly predictable, but that’s part of the comfort factor. There’s some good music, some likeable performances, and a general amiability to its tone.
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And there were 2 new "Guide To"s published as well, both on the same theme...

Sean Connery as James Bond, Part 2
If everything had gone according to plan, this weekend Americans would've been flocking to cinemas to see Daniel Craig's final performance as Bond, James Bond, secret agent 007, in No Time to Die (us Brits would've all been to see it last weekend, of course). As that's not to be, here's something both entirely similar and entirely different: my reviews of Sean Connery's final performance in the role — both of them...

Neither of these films is Connery's finest hour as Bond — they're his worst hours, in fact — but, I must say, they were both better than I had remembered.

featuring Diamonds Are Forever and Never Say Never Again
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