Friday 10 June 2022


Mystery Science Theater 3000
13x04 Munchie
This episode premiered a couple of weeks back, but I wasn't free to watch it live (as I had the first three). Catching up now, before episode five's premiere tonight... which does mean I don't really feel like watching that later. Oh well. I'm glad they're keeping the full live premiere events available to stream afterwards, because I enjoy the post-screening Q&As (I still need to go back and watch episode two's, which had a 'double premiere' a la episode one).


Escape from Monkey Island
Despite what I said yesterday, after a couple more hours play I do feel like (a) I'm a significantly far through the game, and (b) getting close to the finale. (I guess my comment yesterday was more how I felt at a point during yesterday's playtime, rather than by the end of it.) Also, I'm now hours past how long it took me to complete any of the first three, and yet I maintain that Escape simply doesn't feel significanlty longer/bigger than them.