Thursday 17 May 2012


8x21 Holding On
Oh, cliffhanger! Can't wait for next week's finale. Hope they don't bother with some facile "case of the week" stuff; or if they do, it's gonna have to be a bloody good one.

4x25 (15/4/11 edition)


Scre4m (2011)
[#45 in 100 Films in a Year 2012]
Despite seeming to hear nothing but bad things about this (though it has higher scores on IMDb than either of the previous two sequels), I enjoyed it.


Action Comics #8 by Grant Morrison, Rags Morales, Brad Walker, Rick Bryant & Bob McLeod
Morrison & co deliver a suitably exciting climax to their first tale. Against my expectations (as discussed last issue), I shall be continuing with a Superman comic.

Batman and Robin #8 by Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason
A fantastic epilogue to Batman and Robin's first arc. This book has definitely grown to be one of my favourites. I can't believe it's outsold by the woeful The Dark Knight -- I can only presume that's the power of movie titles for you (neither book has anything whatsoever to do with their namesake films).
Beautifully-rendered final page leading in to Night of the Owls, too.

Detective Comics #8 by Tony S. Daniel
A one-and-done? Well I never. Though as it guest stars a bunch of characters who have their own titles or have been popping up in others, it's hard to say how interconnected it is or isn't. Though the only thing footnoted as being from another title is a relatively minor aside from a months-old issue, so maybe it's more isn't... though I swear I spotted a reference to a Dark Knight storyline at least, so why didn't they flag that up? Oh, it doesn't really matter. The story works by itself and it's solid enough, and harks back to the back-up strip from #5... though not particularly overtly, so that still doesn't leave that with any real point.
This issue begins a back-up strip again written by Daniels with art by Szymon Kudranski, this time featuring Two-Face in the first of what seems to be an on-going tale. Still not very interesting though.

Wolverine and the X-Men #8 by Jason Aaron & Chris Bachalo
As ever, WatXM demonstrates superior comic book storytelling. Funny and exciting by turns, when appropriate, managing multiple plot threads simultaneously, telling a tale that is both one-and-done (the holy grail of mainstream comics in these days of decompression, it feels like) and vitally linked to the on-going story. Shame AvX looks like it's about to get in the way for anything up to half a year. (Unlike Uncanny, this one I won't be stopping.)


Skyfall poster: New James Bond movie unveils teaser image
by Simon Reynolds (from Digital Spy)
Trailer soon! Yay!

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