Thursday 6 January 2011


How I Met Your Mother
6x03 Unfinished
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Just William [2010]
1x04 William Holds the Stage [season finale]
This has been a very entertaining series, I thought. More please.
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The Magicians
1x01 Episode 1
It's nice to see some magic back in a prime time schedule. Despite the pointless gimmicky audience vote aspect, this was very entertaining -- some spectacular tricks in there. But it has the same problem I always have with magic: I find knowing how it was done more impressive than the tricks themselves. Magicians always say that ruins the illusion and destroys the fun, but not for me -- the tricks are all well and good, but because we know it's not real the lengths they go to in order to make it look real is what's really impressive. But hey-ho, what can you do.
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The Rob Brydon Show
1x07 Christmas Special

1x01 Vendetta
Gorgeously shot, a tad slow in places, with one horribly claustrophobic sequence (so, very well made, but very uncomfortable to sit through). Rather good all round.
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This Is Every Batmobile Ever by Justin Hyde
(from Jalopnik)
It isn't -- indeed, there's at least one pretty obvious one missing -- but it's a good attempt. It's a little bit astounding how many more redesigns there've been in the '90s and '00s than the five whole decades that preceded them.