Tuesday 18 October 2011


Ask Rhod Gilbert
2x04 Episode 4
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The Jury
Part 1 (of 6) [2nd watch]
I watched this first episode when it first aired way back in 2002, but I don't think I got any further with it. It's actually pretty good, so I don't know why. It's also packed with familiar faces, some who were well known at the time but others who've gone on to be movie stars and the like in the decade since. Anyway, ITV3 are repeating the whole series this week before a new version/second series begins on ITV1 sometime -- what a good opportunity to give it another go.

5x35 (14/10/11 edition)
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Judge Dredd Megazine #312

I decided that 32 pages of 2000 AD a week just wasn't providing enough Thrill-power for me (how behind I've got put paid to that theory, eh... but shh! I've got this now!), so I started picking up the Megazine too. (Well, I subscribed to both, but shh again!) Not as neat a jumping-on point as Prog 1740's (and 1750's) all-new stories... but, as has been widely noted amongst Squaxx dek Thargo (oh yeah, I'm totally gettin' the lingo at this point), that wasn't that great a starting point either: though 1740's stories were all Part Ones, most built on preceding arcs. So having worked out what was going on for the sake of that, I felt sure I could manage for the Megazine too.

And it works out OK: the Dredd story begins this issue, so that's no problem; another strip is only on part two and easy to pick up; another is on part seven but could be just beginning for all I can tell (I really don't see what it's done for six parts if it's all been this story); and the final tale, on its fourth instalment, has a nice little recap that gets me completely up to speed. And all the articles are, of course, self-contained. Dandy.

Plus, the Megazine comes with a free reprint graphic novel every issue! Never mind what came with this one, the next issue's (and three after that, all of which have been published now) collects a strip I remember from when I used to read 2000 AD some time in my past (10, 15 years ago?) So that's kinda awesome.


Rooney Mara: Playing with Fire by Jonathan Van Meter
(from Vouge.com)
Profile/interview of Rooney Mara and David Fincher about, of course, the forthcoming Girl with the Dragon Tattoo re-adaptation. Interesting piece it is too.