Saturday 5 February 2011


Not Going Out
4x05 Fireworks
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4x07 Episode 7 [season finale]
Some answers, lots unresolved -- exactly what you'd expect from the middle finale of a series that's shot two seasons back-to-back.
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8x09 House and Home (extended repeat)
So, this is the last of the XL episodes that BBC Two skipped last November for no apparent reason. Shiny.
While I'm glad they've shown them, I do wish they'd done it first time round -- funny though QI is, I'd rather just watch the extended edition than the regular and extended. Though they add 15 minutes -- half as much material again -- it does tend to disappear amongst all the stuff I half-remember.
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Yes Minister
2x01 The Compassionate Society


Se7en (1995)
[#14a in 100 Films in a Year 2011; 7th or so watch]
Continuing my David Fincher Week. This is one of my favourite films, though I haven't watched it for about 2¼ years -- not that that's unusual for me. Plus, this is the first time I've watched it on Blu-ray. I'd comment on the image quality, but as this is published I'm actually still watching it...