Sunday 30 July 2017


Top of the Lake: China Girl
Part 3 Surrogate
Part 4 Birthday
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Sing 3D (2016)
[#107 in 100 Films in a Year 2017]

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3 brand-new reviews were published to 100 Films in a Year this week, and they were...

Finding Nemo (2003)
it’s packed to the gills with engaging characters, memorable lines, funny ideas, colourful designs, and a couple of strong moral messages. It’s a true family movie.
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Kong: Skull Island (2017)
a monster B-movie realised with a modern blockbuster budget and a dose of class from director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. Its major thrills come from the dust-ups between humans and giant beasties, or giant beasties and other giant beasties, but these are executed with a verve and enthusiasm that renders them a constant delight. Vogt-Roberts unleashes his skill with a palpable sense of excitement for the material, never seeming to hold back as he fills the entire movie with cool imagery and vibrant colours.
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Moana (2016)
The songs are a toe-tapping treat too, with Moana’s big number, How Far I’ll Go, a more likeable earworm than certain other Disney songs about going; a David Bowie-inspired villain’s song, Shiny; and, my personal favourite, a comedy number sung by the Rock called You’re Welcome (with some 2D-that-looks-fab-in-3D animation).
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